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The U.S.S. Laffey

Contribution by Brian Benedict <> The Laffey was a U.S. Navy Destroyer that was hit by SIX Kamikaze airplanes and FOUR bombs in 80 minutes on April 16th, 1945, off Okinawa. IT SURVIVED!! You can tour the USS Laffey and other naval vessels at Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Lt. Col. James Harrington, USA, SF – Inventor of the Army Challenge Coin

Story by Mark Tolf, AVHM James R. Harrington entered into military service with the New York State Guard 8th Regiment in 1942 at the age of 16. He was signed in by his parents. His NY service lasted 18 months before he joined the US Army in 1944. He would spend time at Camp StewartContinue reading “Lt. Col. James Harrington, USA, SF – Inventor of the Army Challenge Coin”


THE ABUCAY LINE by Brian Benedict <> This the name of the first line or resistance set up by General Mac Arthur. It was North of Bataan. ABUCAY is the name of the Municipality the line ran through. Brian Benedict is the Director of the American Veterans Historical Museum and proprietor of The Duffle Bag,Continue reading “THE ABUCAY LINE”